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David Bennett Galloway III

About Me

David Bennett Galloway III is an athlete with many skills who is about to start his college football career. He did well on the football and track teams in high school. During the four years he was in high school, Galloway was known for both his academic skills and how well he did on the field. In the near future, he plans to play college football.

Going to college

Galloway will play for the Warhawks as a freshman in the fall of 2023, which will be the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Bennett played in four games last season, so he can use 2022 as a "Redshirt" year. In college football, a Redshirt year lets a student train and practice with the team without it counting as one of the only four years an athlete can play in college. So, when Bennett starts college as a freshman in 2023, he will have the chance to play football for ULM for all four years.

Bennett went to Cabo San Lucas with his family during his much-needed month-long winter break. On January 11, he went back to ULM for his spring semester. Even though he enjoyed his vacation, he is already looking forward to the spring semester, which will be full of academic challenges and football preparations, such as football-focused weightlifting and conditioning exercises. The team's formal spring football practice schedule starts in March 2023 and lasts about four weeks. This is a warm-up for more intense training before the start of the fall semester.

Bennett's life in South Carolina isn't too different from what he does on the field and in training in northeast Louisiana. Both celebrate southern culture and have a lot in common with each other in terms of society and population. He is also used to the humidity and ready to deal with the heat of New Orleans.

When he's not playing football for ULM, he's exploring all that NELA has to offer, like the local nature trails, water sports, and the different kinds of food in Monroe and West Monroe. When it's time to go home, it's easy to get back to Chapin from Monroe's airport.

The past of sports

David Bennett Galloway III played sports in high school. From 2018 to 2021, he played football at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina. In 2021-22, he ran track at Chapin High. Participating in two sports at different times of the year requires a long-term commitment to physical fitness. He says that track helped him get faster as a running back, while football gave him more strength to take on new challenges at track meets.

History of Education and Education Background

David Bennet Galloway III of Chapin was named the WACH 57 scholar-athlete of the week because he did well in school and in sports. The winner had to have good grades, do well in extracurricular activities, and be good on the field or track. Galloway will finish high school at Chapin in the spring of 2022.

Skills and Experience in the Workplace

Galloway learned early on how important it was to keep going as a football player who wanted to get better and play at the college level.
Dedication is needed for both hard training and building up the stamina needed to last through long football games. It's a discipline, and he loves both the training and the competition. He follows a full strength-training routine, drills for speed, and watches what he eats to give himself the best chance of doing well. As a running back, he needs to be fast, flexible, and able to keep his balance. A running back has to change direction, stay focused, lunge, and keep going until he or she gets to the end zone.

Sporting also helped Galloway learn how to push through hard times and stay true to himself while being part of a larger team. When you play a team sport, you have to work toward a common goal and follow directions without complaining. However, each player on every team still has the ability to make quick decisions on the field. He became good at making decisions in high-pressure situations by weighing the options and what would happen if he failed.

Getting good at these skills early on makes it easier to get ahead in college sports, professional sports, and other fields.

Philanthropy and Giving to Charity

David Bennett Galloway III is very involved in his community. He has done a lot of volunteer work on his own, with his football team, and with friends and family.

Part of his volunteer work was done at Generations of Chapin, which is a place for seniors to live with help that meets their needs. In the winter, he went to the Lowman Home in Ballentine to sing carols and celebrate Christmas. The Heritage at Lowman is a non-profit ministry that helps older people live on their own while still having access to a supportive community. The Senior Citizens Global Eagle Evening in 2020-21 was a bright spot for Galloway.

He also helped out a lot with the Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics as a volunteer. Screaming Eagles is a non-profit organization that helps schools and colleges accept diversity by creating realistic athletic environments and programs that can be changed to meet the needs of any athlete with special needs. Local sports teams and volunteers work with the athletes to make them feel like they are part of a real community and to help them understand each other. For many of the Chapin athletes, like David Bennet Galloway III, the events are a chance to share, which gives the volunteers a new point of view and the chance to meet new people.

Successes and Achieved Goals

Galloway did a lot of things outside of school, like volunteering, while he was in high school, in addition to sports. He was in student government every year, and that was one of the things he was most proud of.


During his time at Chapin, David Bennett Galloway III won the High School Sports Award for 2020 football. He was named Offensive Player of the Year, and his local newspaper nominated him many times for Player of the Week and Scholar-Athlete of the Week.

In 2020, he was named a WACH 57 Player of the Game and an all-state and all-region football player. In 2021, he was named to the all-region track team and was the Jamboree Player of the Game.


Galloway ran the 200-meter dash faster than anyone else at his school.
Interests and hobbies of the person

Bennett is interested in sports both on and off the field. He also pays close attention to college and professional football as he plans his future in college sports. He is also still interested in giving people with special needs more chances to play sports, like he did with Screaming Eagles Special Need Athletics.