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David Bennett Galloway III

David Bennett Galloway III is an integrity man living up to the highest ethical and moral standards. He has been very active in his community, participating in many different volunteer efforts on his own, as a football team member, and with his friends and family. A portion of his volunteer work was carried out at Generations of Chapin, an assisted living community that caters to the requirements of the elderly residents of Chapin. Caroling and other Christmas activities were held at the Lowman Home in Ballentine during the winter months when he participated. The Heritage at Lowman is a ministry that operates on a not-for-profit basis. It is committed to assisting senior citizens in leading independent lives while providing them access to caring communities as they grow older. The Senior Citizens Global Eagle Evening in 2020-21 was a shining moment for Galloway. During this event, he ably represented himself and his generation with poise and eloquence. A man with a big heart and a quiet demeanor, David Bennet is a giant in stature. He has never allowed the fact that he was born with cerebral palsy to prevent him from achieving the things he has set out to do. He was a very active volunteer with the Screaming Eagles Special Needs Athletics program, which assisted schools and colleges in their efforts to embrace diversity through the medium of athletics. Many Chapin athletes, such as David, view the events as a chance to share their experiences, providing the volunteers with a fresh point of view and the opportunity to meet new people.